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The LifeStyles In 360 Luxury NFT Mall has merged the best of both worlds of a Luxury Lifestyle Community Mall with full-service concierge services to bring online users an exclusive and comprehensive social e-commerce virtual shopping experience and a virtual e-commerce digital twin destination from the safety and convenience of your home.  Registered members now can shop our curated digital twin e-commerce venues, VIP access to luxury virtual shopping experiences, travel venues, and concierge services from the safety of their homes and for a good cause. All platform purchases are confidential, and cryptocurrencies are accepted.  Note:  All platform purchases including Bee2Bee Coins, (Bee) may be tax deductible.  Please check with your financial advisor.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the freshness and quality of our product selections as if you picked them out yourself. Your produce and groceries will be delivered to your home within all applicable use-by, sell-by, best-by, or expiration dates. 

Also, when you shop at any of our virtual flagship stores on this platform, you are giving back by creating new jobs and apprenticeship opportunities locally and nationally.

Enjoy Your Virtual Shopping Experience! 


Yasmine P. Clarke

Founder, LifeStyles In 360

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The Apprentice Coin


A Better Way To Live, Work, Shop & Play

The Apprentice Coin – Cryptocurrency For Tech-Based Related Training, Apprentice Opportunities & Jobs

Shop For A Good Cause 365 Days & 24/7   – The Bee2Bee Coin is the official “Apprentice Coin” and was created to sustain The Bee2Bee Network’s Apprenticeship Program in collaboration with The Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeship $30M Endowment Fund which will generate a permanent stream of capital to support the national expansion of The Bee2Bee Network Registered Apprenticeships Program in 9 states and growing from Orlando, Florida to Washington D.C., California, and beyond.

“Due to the Bee2Bee Coin’s forecasted positive economic impact and comprehensive business model which entails workforce development solutions, a new virtual e-commerce infrastructure, stellar cybersecurity features, new jobs, and exponential apprenticeship opportunities, the company expects the Bee2Bee Coin to outpace Bitcoin’s market value in less than 5 years” – Yasmine Clarke, Founder.

The Apprentice Coin – Benefits

  • All Bee2Bee Coin transactions are 100% confidential and registered on the Ethereum blockchain for additional security.   
  •  The exclusive Pre-ICO coins are similar to a 3-year CD, not exchangeable or sale-able for 3 years after purchase, and are available for sale to institutional investors and the general public starting at ($1,000) increments including greater denominations above. 
  • Bee2Bee Coins may be tax-deductible however, we advise that you to check with your financial advisor.