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LifeStyles In 360 has merged the best of both worlds of a Luxury Lifestyle Mall with full-service concierge services to bring online users an exclusive and comprehensive virtual shopping experience from the safety and convenience of their homes.  Registered users now have the ability to shop anywhere and everywhere with VIP access to luxury shopping experiences, travel venues and concierge services traditionally available to 5-star hotel resort guests. 

LifeStyles  In  360 is also the  virtual  shopping industry’s  first luxury blockchain infrastructure which accepts cryptocurrencies including its own, $2 Billion release of The Bee2Bee Coin,  which may be used for all purchases including featured real estate.  All platform purchases are 100% confidential and for added value, the platform hosts it’s own unique loyalty campaigns which enables online shoppers to earn up to $10,000 in goods and services to spend in the platform’s curated virtual stores and showrooms after the purchase of any featured real estate property.

The platform currently features luxury fashion retailers and ultra foodie destinations from Giuseppe Zanotti to Whole Foods Market with many more to come. In addition, all featured virtual stores provides white glove delivery services.

To ensure the sustainability, diversity, inclusion, equity and professional excellence of the LifeStyles In 360 platform, all curated virtual stores are featured by invitation only.   As a result, online users and business owners work together to support the creation of new jobs and apprenticeship opportunities which the LifeStyles In 360 platform provides.  

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The Bee2Bee Coin

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