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Employers, can now reward employees via the new Agile Apprenticeships Employee Incentive Program which provides hands-on opportunities to add value directly to their bottom line.  For example, by directly sponsoring an Agile Apprentice on the job, your investment will serve to introduce the latest in-demand and beneficial technical skills and workflows such as AI to your business and workforce in addition to funding the first debt-free Agile Apprenticeships Degree and Diploma Program in the United States. 

  A New Measurable ROI For Skills-Based Education 

Today’s technology-focused workplace, across all industries, demands the right cross-functional balance of academic and practical skills-based education which can only be obtained by “doing the work” with the guidance of an industry expert.  Parents, Mentors and Philanthropic individuals can now sponsor an Agile Apprentice year-round via the tax-free Fidelity Donor-Advised Fund.

The Bee2Bee Network, has exclusively partnered with Fidelity Charitable Investments, and, to establish a $100M Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) to support AI-focused technology related training, research and service learning opportunities for apprenticeship based degrees across multiple industries*.  This initiative aims to address systemic unemployment and underemployment across the U.S. by providing practical, hands-on opportunities for individuals to learn new and emerging technologies, develop technology skills and industry-related experience.  As an added incentive, an Apprentice Token will be  awarded to all program participants upon completion.  The Apprentice Token is an asset-based alternative to student loan debt and is projected to appreciate annually and ultimately outpace the monetary value of Bitcoin while serving as a sustainable investment in higher education.  *Click Here to View Article 

About Fidelity Donor-Advised Funds & The Bee2Bee Network – EIN# 45-5535928

Fidelity Donor-advised funds are the fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle in the United States because they are one of the easiest and most tax-advantageous ways to give to non-profit organizations such as The Bee2Bee Network  without any additional fees and instantly deliver significant returns.  Click Here to Learn More About Fidelity Donor-Advised Fund.

Institutional Investors

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The Apprentice Token Benefits

Debt-Free Degrees, Diplomas & Related Training For All

    • A Different Kind Of Education Is Needed For The Future of Work
      Presenting The Agile Apprenticeships Degree Program, The First 4-year Tech-Focused Apprentice Degree Program in the U.S.

      The apprenticeship degree program integrates Liberal Arts and Humanities coursework into key tech-based apprenticeship opportunities, which is proven to be highly beneficial.  The Arts and Humanities give students a broader perspective on society, culture, and ethics, complementing their technical skills.

    • All transactions are 100% confidential and registered on the Ethereum blockchain for additional security.   To ensure maximum ROI for our investors, all platform sales including, The Apprentice Tokens are final.
    •  These exclusive Pre-ICO coins are similar to a 3-year CD, not exchangeable or sale-able for 3 years after purchase, and are available for sale to institutional investors and the general public starting at ($1,000) increments. 
    • The Apprentice Token may also be exclusively used to purchase goods and services from exclusive partners on The LifeStyles In 360 Platform.
    • The Apprentice Token and purchases may be tax-deductible however, we advise that you check with your financial advisor.
    •  “We expect The Apprentice Coin to outpace Bitcoin’s market value in less than 5 years.”

      The Apprentice Token offers a fair chance of prosperity for all via its focus on connecting individuals to new entry-level career pathways in tech across multiple industries and the disruption of traditional student loan debt.”  

      – Yasmine P. Clarke, Founder

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