The following  Policies & Procedures were created (in simple english), to establish and ensure 100% transparency with our platform partners, clients and online users.  Please contact LifeStyles In 360 directly at  if you have any questions regarding our policies and procedures. LifeStyles In 360 reserves the right to consistently update our policies and procedures for your convenience. 

Policies & Procedures 

Privacy & Discretion: At LifeStyles In 360, your privacy and the opportunity to discreetly shop in our signature virtual stores is our #1 priority!  Unlike many social media platforms, LifeStyles In 360 is the first social e-commerce platform of it’s kind to guarantee that we do not share the personal information or online activity of our clients.  Any information collected including cookies, are only utilized to improve your online experience on the LifeStyles In 360 Platform.

In addition, our cryptocurrency purchase option ensures that all purchases from luxury real estate to luxury retail are recorded on the blockchain and remains 100% confidential.

Refunds: Due to Covid-19 mandates and for your personal safety, returns and refunds on purchased items will not be provided and all sales are final. 

Back Orders: Due to Covid-19, there are many delays in the supply chain and this has also significantly reduced product availability and distribution times.  Purchased items will be shipped as soon as they arrive in stock.  

Concierge Fee: A $25 concierge fee and standard shipping costs will be billed on all orders. Note: A 10% fee or not less than $25.00 will be charged on all cancelled orders.

Shipping: LifeStyles In 360 exclusively ships via UPS or USPS.  White glove delivery services is also available and will vary per location, nationally and internationally. 






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